Full Product List

MarketHub consists of :

OTFE Optimized messaging infrastructure - extreme message serialization / deserialization protocol

- with sate-of-the art patented data representation giving in average 50% smelled size compare with the closest competitor without bigger CPU utilization

- with state-of-the art OrderBook representation in array deltas

Authority Server with:

- Multi-level real-time data cache

- Data access permission manager

- Usage reports

- Optional single connection per user

- Unlimited connections

- Ability to connect multiple authority servers

Client software

- Microsoft Excel subscriber ( RTD Server)

- Microsoft Excel Publisher ( enabled data contribution directly from spreadsheets )

- APIs (pub/sub) ( C#/C++/JAVA/COM/VB/VBA WIN/LIN/SOLARIS/32/64)

- TCP Protocol Decoder pattern Library for Java and c++

- MHPanel C#

- MHPanel Java

- Auto updating capability

- Resilience capability

Historical pack:

- TickRecorder - ability to record tick by tick data in a database

- TimeSeriesGenerator - ability to generate and record Open/Hi/Low/Close in a database

- TimeSeriesPublisher - ability to retrieve data from a database and publish it as a instrument

- FlatFiles - ability to record real-time data in flat files on the disk

- XMLRecorder - ability to record messages/ticks in XML format

- XMLReplay - ability to repay recorded XML messages/ticks

- BinaryRecorder - ability to record messages/ticks in binary format

- BinaryReplay - ability to repay recorded binary messages/ticks

- Lease application - designed to lit the burden of overloading

Web site pack

- PollServer - enables integrating real-time data in web sites on lease-time base

- PollClient Java - enables access to PollServer from java

- PollCient c# - enables access to PollServer from C#

- WebRequestHandler - enables the users to create custom WebLets

Feed Control Pack

- Able to control and consume multiple incoming feeds/instruments and generate one consolidated feed based on priorities and availability of the incoming feeds

- Ability to generate data and inject it from one feed to another

- Ability to aggregate/consolidate instrument across many exchanges BBO and OrderBoook ( L1 & L2 )

- Ability to discover the exact price for a given amount - IBBO ( volume weighted BID/ASK )

Data Manipulation Pack

- ability to generate delay feed from real-time feed based on/per venue/exchange rule

- ability to reduce open/close requests by introducing lease time on close requests

Data Transport adapters

- B2N Zero Latency





- LLM ( IBM )

Adapters to RMDS

- RMDS Input adapter ( sub - enables data from RMDS inside MarketHub)

- RMDS Output adapter ( pub - enables data from MarketHub inside RMDS)

Adapters to Coral8

- Coral 8 C# and output Java adapter (pub - enables data from MarketHub inside Coral 8)

Feed handlers

- Bloomberg BPIPE

- Bloomberg BPOD ( BPIPE on demand)


- QuoteSpeed ( Tenfore/Morningstar)

- IDC (Interactive Data / ComStock)

- Budapest Stock Exchange

- Bulgarian Stock Exchange

- Eurex

- European Energy Exchange

- Frankfurt Stock Exchange ( Deutsche Bцrse )

- Irish Stock Exchange

- Shanghai Stock Exchange

- Vienna Stock Exchange

- LIFFE ( NYSE Euronext )

- AutobahnFX

- Currenex


- NetBuilder ( access to LSE, Turquoise, Chi-X, BATS )