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MarketHub Authority Server

Data Cache

  • We keep all open instruments cached on the server this way the next subscription request will arrive to the client directly from the serverBuilt-in Transports

Permissioning System

  • Market Hub Permissions Manager is used to grant permissions for clients in the network to view market data information from services, with restricted access. It enables the administrator to grant an access for each user (a host/Machine ID in the network) to different securities or to a whole service.

Data Usage Optimization Reports

  • Ability to track what and when has been viewed by the user
  • Tool for filtering and analysis of the reports

Connection Management

  • Session Based Management (SBM) guarantees that access to exchange data is active for each user account in one position, trading station or device, at any given time. This maximizes the value delivered to all users for their exchange fee subscriptions from their desks, hot-desks, homes, smartphones etc.

WebLets Support

  • Built-in web application server for control, status, instant usage, and ability for custom WebLet’s in-house development