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(25.OCT.2010): B2N bridges the gab between feed handlers & subscribers

B2N Ltd announced the release of a new lease application, MHLeaseProxy. The technology being yet another addition to the B2N real-time data platform MarketHub.

“The new module optimizes the data traffic generated with frequent open/close subscriptions of large quantities of instruments.” – commented Vasko Tomanov – from B2N, “Adding this lightweight and self learning element significantly increases performance and keeps latency at extremely low levels – even in heavily loaded systems.”

MHLeaseProxy acts as a bridge between standard Feed Handlers and client subscribers. When a client subscribes to an instrument the subscription is executed without delay, then the instrument remains open (for a predetermined period) even after the client has closed the record. In this way should the client application re-request the instrument before the lease time has elapsed, the image and the following updates comes from MHLeaseProxy. For further details please email to sales@b2net.net.