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  • (29.APR.2014) B2N introduces new hi-performance FIX Server.

(29.APR.2014) B2N introduces new hi-performance FIX Server.

B2N, today announced their new solution – MD2FIX. This module reverse engineers ordinary order book representation e.g. MarketFeed style, to FIX protocol deltas. This enables existing and new B2N customers to consume data from the B2N platform using FIX adapters. This new functionality greatly simplifies trading system feeds of financial data from well-known aggregators, including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg,and IDC.

“The issue that most trading systems are facing lately is that they are designed to work with direct market access - which in most cases means that the data is expected to be in FIX format” – commented Vasko Tomanov, Technology Fellow at B2N – “This imposes limitations on the trading system which emerges when a client requests an implementation with regular market data feed. B2N’s new module seamlessly solves this problem.”

Using this new addition from B2N, financial organizations can now can convert a regular market data feed to FIX format feed.

Data delivered includes BBO/L1 and Order Book/L2 in Flat (MarketFeed,) Aggregated by Price or Full Order Book format.

Feed aggregation, consolidation, filtering, remapping, blending and CEP functionality together with data permissioning and usage reporting are also built-in to the solution.