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(28.NOV.2011): B2N adds API for Python developers

London, UK, Cambridge, MA, and HK China, Nov 28th, 2011 – B2N Ltd. is delighted to announce a new Hi-Performance contribute/consume API for Python developers. It is designed to make the life easier of customers dedicated to risk management and calculations using Python to accesses multiple sources of market data.

Python customers will be able with ease finally to subscribe and capture data, using it as source to their calculation engines and generate output back to the data platforms.

The new addition to already existing Java, C++, .Net, VB and COM API’s is part of the C++ version and as such inherit its extreme performance and portability across multiple platforms – Windows, Linux, Solaris, 32bit and 64bit

Using the new API customers will be able to access data from MarketHub platform as well as third party ones (e.g. RMDS) and in the same time using the built-in transports ( B2N ZERRO, B2N TCP, B2N RawCast, B2N HTTP) or eternal ones as TIBCO, LBM, LLM combining data from different direct or consolidated sources.

For further details please email to sales@b2net.net.